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Geekout Review of MX Guarddog, the cloud based anti-spam mail filter A great, yet inexpensive (or even free) cloud based anti-spam mail filter
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I recently accidentally stumbled on MXGuarddog while I was searching for ways to queue up incoming e-mails while I moved work’s email server to a new data centre. In the end I decided against this approach for work but I was very impressed and decided to give it a try at home.

My home e-mail system up until now involves the use of a virtual server running a copy of E.F.A. It works and is pretty powerful. I’ll put a review of it on this site at some point.

Although E.F.A is excellent, I have a problem with incoming mails being lost during those necessary down-times for my e-mail server or my home network as a whole. This is where MXGuarddog comes in. It will automatically continue to try and redeliver e-mail for up to 7 days if your mail server is down. This gives you plenty of time to fix things and means you won’t lose important e-mails.

This service in itself is rather brilliant and incredibly useful but the icing on the cake is that MXGuarddog is also a very good anti-spam filter.