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Geekout Review of Linksys LAPAC1200 AC1200 Dual Band Access Point Great value for money small business class access point. (Rating: 9/10)
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I managed to obtain one of these excellent access points for a very reasonable price from Amazon. I was in need of a good quality high speed access point with dual band capability and business class features such as multiple SSIDs, VLAN tagging, RADIUS WPA Enterprise support.

In addition to these features it is also PoE (Power over Ethernet) capable meaning that if you have a PoE switch you do not need to use a power supply to power the access point. If you don’t have a PoE switch, a standard mains power supply is provided with the access point.

The access point is designed for wall or ceiling mounting rather than sitting on a desktop. You fasten a supplied plastic mounting plate to the wall or ceiling, the access point then locks into place on the plate using a press and twist action. If you want to mount on a ceiling tile, a metal backplate is supplied which you put on the back side of the tile, the plastic mounting plate fastens to this from the front of the tile.

The device itself is quite large but is very clean and attractive in my opinion. A large rectangular but not too bright light on the front of the unit shows the current state using a combination of colour and flashing/steady signalling.